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We may be technologists, but we also think like publishers. We’ve come from, and worked with over 150 organizations in a broad range of publishing – book, journal, standards, scientific, technical, educational, religious, and mass-market publishers. We understand content development, management, workflow, print and digital product creation, and product delivery. We can advise you on solutions that suit your product type and then help you plan, implement, test, and roll out the solution to production. We are ever focused on producing business value for you within your budget. Talk to us – you’ll find we understand much of what you do yet are eager to learn what’s unique about your products, business, and the way you work.


Media organizations need to be able to find and track the assets they produce quickly. Media organizations have developed systems to address their immediate needs but often find that once used, the assets are no longer easily located or used again. Too often media organizations lack the tools to effectively monetize their entire library of assets. Once production is complete they too often end up in a digital dustbin where they are difficult or impossible to find.

RSI provides the experience and platforms to assemble a solution to track any asset of any type with flexibility not typical of other solutions. We can design and implement a flexible metadata model, workflow, and will provide an extensible architecture that will be a great complement to existing production systems to ensure that assets are tracked and can be found. Production systems can continue to focus on the immediate needs, integrating with our solutions at key stages of an asset’s life cycle. Our solution can serve as a hub to give your assets visibility across your entire organization independent of specialized production systems.


Government organizations must be able to track and review the content they produce, and these processes are often dictated and changed by external forces outside of the teams involved in content production. The need for a flexible, adaptable, content platform that can provide granular access and control to an information-rich repository that can be rapidly delivered to a variety of consumers in varying formats has become the expectation. But too many traditional production systems were designed in a targeted way proving challenging to extend and adapt over time.

Our team of technologists can design and implement solutions that provide the ability to track content and serve as a detailed historical record. It can formalize and track processes for the creation, management, and distribution of the content. A single-source publishing model can ensure that all published formats and channels align. Changes can be made once and reflected in all references thanks to our team’s expertise with, and our solution’s support for, modularization and re-use. All of this can happen not only to entire documents and assets but also to smaller components. Several documents may share some parts but also differ. Our content architecture lets organizations define and implement a range of content models to address the wide range of audience members a government organization often serves.


Associations frequently find themselves responding to the needs of a large audience in a consistent and standardized way. They often have a variety of content needs that may include formalized standards, newsletters, books, journals, directories and many other types of content. Often the audience is wide-ranging and diverse, requiring a complex set of content and processes to serve effectively.

Our technical team has extensive experience with a large range of content types and can design and implement a solution that can manage content of all types in multiple formats, and also track the various relationships between these items and re-use those shared content items. Our content engineers employ extensible content and metadata models to allow virtually any disparate set of content types to have an overarching, shared metadata model. That model can be adapted and implemented for a wide range of users and their audience. Our solution’s powerful, built-in workflow and transformation capabilities also provide the foundation for delivering accurate, up-to-date information to your members.


Corporations traditionally have focused on specialized production systems to serve the needs to their internal content experts. But as content creation and distribution has grown increasingly complex, these production systems can often prove to be difficult to adapt as the demands of their customers evolves.

Our highly experienced team of technologists can recommend, design, and implement a solution that solves your needs. Our solutions provide a flexible platform enabling corporations to create, manage, adapt and distribute their content resources. Information that was once lost to all but the most dogged within a corporation can be instead made available readily to a broad audience implementing your access, tracking and information requirements. Our solutions can be the central source of content, providing not only its current state but a history for the item that can make your employees more effective, better informed and more efficient. Traditional redundancies can be eliminated and critical processes formalized optimizing what are too often complex, time-consuming activities.