RSuite Enterprise 6.1 is Here!

We are proud to announce the global release of our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software RSuite Enterprise 6.1. This release brings several new features that enhance team collaboration and provides improvements to user access, storage, and management of high-value content at the component level.

New Features Include:

An Improved User Interface Organize content into “views” such as Content, Workflows, and Reports to display tasks and content more easily for users.

“Smart” Unique Identifiers Ensure that every object, in any RSuite instance, can synchronize across the enterprise. This allows for easy import/exporting of content across multiple RSuite instances.

New Workflow Views Make it easier for teams to track progress and prioritize project needs and goals.

Navigation Enhancements Allows users to see hidden details in their content folders to make discovering and locating content easier.

Expanded Administrator Access Includes grouped actions and a large display screen to better access and assigns content to different teams.

New Security Functionalities Improves the overall security posture and more secure component level enterprise content.

As a leader in ECM software, Orbis is committed to developing innovative solutions to improve productivity for our 10,000 daily users!

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