RSuite Enterprise

RSuite Enterprise is an enterprise publishing solution for organizations that wish to automate their publishing processes and reduce time to market by over 50%. RSuite Enterprise is optimized for the creation, management, repurposing, and multi-format, multi-channel delivery of content by utilizing an enterprise-strength native XML repository which stores and indexes XML content in its natural hierarchical format. In addition to its strong XML capabilities, RSuite Enterprise manages any and all forms of digital assets (MS Word, PDF, images, audio, video, etc.) and all its associated metadata.

Capabilities at a glance

  • Central repository for storage of digital assets
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) to regulate content use and functionality
  • Configurable workflows for business process and task management
  • Automated transformation of Word documents to XML
  • Web-based XML content editing interfaces
  • Generate PDFs, EPUBs, and HTML, ICML from XML with one click
  • Keyword searching on content using Boolean operators and faceted searching
  • User dashboard feature to organize and display notes, selected folders, saved searches etc.
  • Content reuse to allow XML content to be repurposed at various levels
  • Advanced version control

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