Services and Solutions

Content engineering

RSI Content Solutions helps transform customers’ raw data content into  finished products ready for publishing. Our content engineers help define and facilitate the content structure during the entire content strategy, production, and distribution cycle from beginning to end. Examples of our services include:

  • Ontology and taxonomy Development
  • XML content transformation conforming to industry standards (e.g. SD1000, DITA, JATS)
  • Data Science support for correlation and link content
  • Stylesheet/template creation for automated publishing

Custom solution and application development

RSI Content Solutions provides end-to-end custom software development—from the business analysis of requirements through the maintenance of the final solution.  Our team has built a variety of custom applications, that include:

  • Web-based applications operating over NoSQL XML databases
  • MarkLogic based solutions and data services
  • Custom reports and workflows to automate business processes

Data integration

RSI Content Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for enterprise data integration and application integration. Data integration services can evolve over time into comprehensive global data services, driven by pluggable components.  Examples of support tasks include:

  • Data quality profiling and data cleaning
  • Data migration and data synchronization 
  • Data governance

Database management

RSI Content Solutions can help modernize existing database systems to prolong the life of the investment. From scalability and flexibility to speed and compatibility, we combine unparalleled service and enterprise-grade standards to business leaders looking to strengthen their data capabilities. Our capabilities include:

  • Database upgrades and migration
  • Consulting and cost control
  • Data security assessment and audits
  • Data clusters, replication, mirroring, and monitoring
  • Standard industry testing

Software quality assurance

RSI Content Solutions provides end-to-end software testing services that help companies develop a quality assurance program to launch their products bug-free into the market. QA outsourcing services uses an Agile model that functions from offshore locations as well as from client’s local office. Our skillsets include:

  • Expertise in business and technical sides of testing
  • V-Model, Waterfall, Agile and DevOps (CI/CD)
  • Expertise in Leading automation tools and techniques
  • CMMI Level process and standards

Web services development

We program industry standard APIs (e.g. RESTful) to integrate numerous applications, protocols, and data services together across customers’ entire enterprise ecosystem. From IoT devices to mobile apps and anything in between, our custom web services programming scales to any size.  Examples include:

  • Custom web services for desktop, mobile, IoT, console, and cloud-based applications
  • Web services to improve application interoperability
  • Programming RESTful APIs using HTTP protocols and JSON data, for stateless client-server web services that are browser agnostic and cacheable.
  • Programming custom JSON generators and JSON APIs that implement language-independent, lightweight web services, representing robust object and array data structures

Defense Offsets Support

RSI Content Solutions can play a consulting role to identify opportunities within the local region to fulfill offset requirements. RSI qualifies as an Indian MSME, and by opting for our services and solutions foreign companies can fulfill the offset credit requirements in India. Our offerings include:

  • Local manufacturer search, identification, and vetting
  • IT consulting and liaison with niche software service providers
  • Round the clock Helpdesk setup and support
  • Co-ordination and project management services